Saturday, August 6, 2011

Currant Wine

Last month, I started making my own wine from home grown currant berries.  I measured the yeast's progress today.  It's almost fermented out.  Of course, I tasted it.  It definitely needs to mellow.  But wow!  Three more months and I'll bottle it.  Then maybe six more months before it's drinkable.

I have two Red Lake currant bushes in our garden.  Each produces about 15 lbs of fruit each year.  They have been in the ground about 5 years now.  I do have a aphid problem, but they only suck the sap out of new leaves.  I don't notice any adverse affects on the berries or the bushes.  In fact, I my lady bug population has been growing - probably a result of the the aphids.

I have also seen raccoon scat around the bushes this year.  I can't tell if it's eating my berries or the mulberry trees in our area.  The seeds look the same.  Ahem.

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